Nippers Information 2018/19

Nippers Know-How nipper calendar   Welcome to another amazing Nippers season at Bilgola Surf Life saving club. Bilgola is an all-inclusive family club in which your children and you can have lots of fun, make new friends and learn skills for life. Children are taught to respect and read the surf and to use it to their advantage in a safe environment. Activities vary, depending on age and skill level and include beach sprints, relays, ‘flags’, tug-of-war, wading, swimming, board paddling, surfing and lots of other games. The emphasis is on having fun while learning new skills. They can also compete in Northern Beaches inter-club competitions, Sydney Branch and state carnivals. After Nippers there’s always the BBQ…

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Nippers @ Bilgola SLSC

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Nippers@ Bilgola SLSC Children can join Nippers at Bilgola SLSC from the age of five (5) years and start learning about surf awareness and safety. As they get older they are able to participate in board paddling, surfing, swimming and sprinting. At Bilgola the emphasis is on having fun whilst developing skills. Nippers can also compete in Northern Beaches inter-club competitions, Sydney Branch and state carnivals.   Parent Involvement Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s Age Group activities. Many parents are former (or current) members of Life Saving Clubs and assist with the provision of water safety for events. Other parents act as age managers or committee members. Any parent who is interested in doing…

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Bilgola Cadet Program

The Club operates a cadet programme to provide activities for boys and girls who have finished with the junior Nippers and are not yet qualified to participate in Senior activities. Most cadets range in age from 14 to 16. Their time on the beach is occupied by learning more advanced surf skills and rescue training, interspersed with supervised fun beach activities. Qualified trainers for boards and skis are on hand each Sunday morning to provide help for beginners through to the advanced. We work towards making sure that each cadet achieves their Bronze Medallion and IRB Crewman certificates. With these awards they can participate fully on beach patrols which they are encouraged to do. 


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