Nippers @ Bilgola SLSC

Nippers@ Bilgola SLSC

Nippers new1Children can join Nippers at Bilgola SLSC from the age of five (5) years and start learning about surf awareness and safety.

As they get older they are able to participate in board paddling, surfing, swimming and sprinting.

At Bilgola the emphasis is on having fun whilst developing skills.

Nippers can also compete in Northern Beaches inter-club competitions, Sydney Branch and state carnivals.


Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s Age Group activities. Many parents are former (or current) members of Life Saving Clubs and assist with the provision of water safety for events. Other parents act as age managers or committee members. Any parent who is interested in doing their Bronze Medallion please contact

2016-17 Season 

Registration Days 4 & 11 September 2015

Nippers new1

Bilgola SLSC now uses an online sign-up, renewal and payment system.

New members and existing members can now easily join and pay for their membership online.

SLSA – How to Join or Rejoin a Club 

Have you created your Members Portal Account?

Working With Children Apply here for your number

All volunteers must apply for the Working with Children Permit.  Fill in your online application, take your receipt number along with your photo ID to your local RTA. You will then receive an email notification back with your permit. Once you receive that you need to send a copy of it through to the Club Coordinator via email. Memberships will not be processed without this number.

Please note: We require that a parent join from each family. Parents can join as an General member (Nipper Parent) or an Active Senior, if they already have a SLSA bronze medallion and are willing to take part in patrols.

All new Nipper registrations must have proof of age provided (this may include Birth Certificate, Passport etc). Please note children must have obtained the age of 5 years by the 30th of September before they can become a Nipper member. However, a child may commence after they have attained the age of 5.

For any queries regarding registration please contact our club coordinator

Each Sunday…

Activities commence at 9:00am each Sunday – rain, hail, or shine.

Under the supervision of Age Managers, Nippers participate in several events, depending on their age, competency and conditions on the day, activities may be on the beach or in the water.
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To give you a brief idea of what happens on the beach, there are:

          • beach sprint races
          • board paddling
          • swim out to the can and back to beach
          • flags
          • lying flat on the sand, then getting up and running a short distance to grasp lengths of hose standing in the sand;
          • beach relays involving water games
          • pool activities with use of our Aqua Glide, nipper boards and other equipment
          • surf wade running through shallow water around a heavily supervised course (usually for younger age groups)

After Nipper‘s there’s always the BBQ in our BBQ garden, with food and drinks for sale. The girl and boy Nipper of the Week from each age group gets a Billy Award sausage sandwich and drink free! Our BBQ is run by the parents. This year each Age group will be allocated to a week – keep a look out in the newsletter for more details!


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Before a child is allowed to participate in any water event or activity i.e. an event where they would be in water out of their depth they are required to take a proficiency evaluation.

This consists of a supervised swim in still water, usually done in the pool, to a specific time and a supervised surf swim over a swim course distance (varies by age group). For specific details click here. Children who cannot pass the minimum proficiency are limited for their safety to beach and wade events only and cannot enter carnivals.


Calendar of Events