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Calendar of Events 2016/17

2016 – 2017 Nipper Calendar

Welcome to another amazing Nippers season at Bilgola Surf Life saving club.

Bilgola is an all-inclusive family club in which your children and you can have lots of fun and make new friends while learning new and exciting skills for life. Children are taught how to respect and read the surf, and to use it to their advantage in a safe and nurturing environment.

The activities are many and varied and are aimed at children from the age of five (5) and up learning about surf awareness and safety through the “Surf Ed” program.

Depending on their age and ability children participate each week in beach sprints, relays, ‘flags’, tug-of-war, wading, swimming, board paddling, surfing and lots of other games and activities.  Remember, the emphasis is on having fun whilst learning new skills.

They can also compete in Northern Beaches inter-club competitions, Sydney Branch and state carnivals.

After Nippers there’s always the BBQ in our BBQ garden, with food and drinks for sale. The girl and boy ‘Nipper of the Week’ from each Age Group gets a Billy Award for a free sausage sandwich and drink!

So, put some colour into your family Sunday and join us!

Become a Billy Nipper!


Parent Involvement

No one knows your children like you do so it is very important for them that you are involved in their Age Group activities to help them build confidence.

You should therefore be willing each week to actively participate. Be dressed for the beach and be prepared to get wet with your child.

We do not offer a child minding service, but with this in mind we realize that some parents have more than one child in different age groups. If this is the case and you elect to stay with one of your kids in a group, then you need to nominate another responsible adult for your other child’s sign-on and sign-off.

Many parents are past or current members of life saving clubs and serve as patrol members, water safety and committee members. Bilgola SLSC provides all the necessary training. You can be an Age Manager or an Age Manager’s Assistant and simply need to follow the following steps:

Age Managers are required to undertake an Age Manager’s Course and hold a current Bronze Medallion Certificate.

2016-17 Season – REGISTER NOW!

Our Nippers season commences at 9am on Sunday 9th October 2016

Our registration days at Bilgola SLSC are Sunday 6th and 13th September 10am to 12:00 noon.

But don’t get caught in the rush! REGISTER ONLINE NOW by following these simple steps:

1. Before joining you MUST  download and fill in a SLSNSW Member Protection Declaration form and a Bilgola Code of Conduct. You will need to return a copy of these via email to the  or just bring them with you when you drop in your children’s ‘proof of age’ to the club – more on that below.

2. As a parent you need to join our club first. You can easily sign up, create an account and pay by going to If you’ve never been a member of a surf club click on the “Not a member of a surf club” link and follow the instructions to complete your membership. If you’re already a member and are renewing, login to the portal and follow instructions.

3. You then need to join your child as a Nipper on the same site.

4. Having joined, bring your completed forms and proof of age (all new Nipper registrations require a ‘proof of age’ document like a Birth Certificate, Passport etc) to the Club Coordinator, Kylie Ockwell on Mon, Tue and Fri from 9am to 3:00pm at Bilgola SLSC.

5. Please note children must be 5 years old – or older – by the 30th of September before they can become a Nipper member.

For any queries regarding registration please contact our club coordinator, Kylie, on

Each Sunday…

Activities commence at 9am and finish at 10am each Sunday – rain, hail, or shine.

Under the supervision of their Age Managers the children participate in several events. Depending on their age and competency, activities may be on the beach or in the water. We have a 50-metre ocean pool with wading area for the younger Nippers.

So, you and your children need to bring sunscreen, water, swimming costume, and a towel.


Nippers new3

Each Wednesday …

Starting 21st September 2016, extra training is provided if your child wants to join us at the clubhouse.

Trainer: Jake Lynch – dual world sprint and flags champion

Time: 4.30-5.30pm

Beach flags, sprint and relay training

U8 and above

Please note that parent supervision is required.


Nippers new4

New Nippers can purchase a rash vest, swimming costume and cap from the Club.

Become a Billy Nipper: