Special General Meeting to adopt a New Constitution – Sunday 22nd December 2019


Special General Meeting to adopt a New Constitution – Sunday 2nd December 2019

The Bligola Executive committee is convening a Special General Meeting on Sunday 8th December (exact time to be confirmed) for the purposes of passing a special resolution to adopt a new club Constitution.

The draft of this new constitution has been prepared based on the SLSNSW Template. A copy of this can be found HERE A copy of the member letter can be downloaded here:SGM_to_Adopt_New_Constitution_Reschedule_Notice_031219

The reason for this change is that the current Constitution was adopted in 2003 and is now out of date in many areas and the club has been requested to do so by SLSNSW.

The Bilgola Executive Committee advises that a quorum of 15 voting members is required to call a vote on this special resolution for the adoption of this new constitution.

Thank you to Lucy Brogden’s mother, Susan Hooke, for drafting the constitution based on the SLSNSW proforma and a group of Life Members headed by David Lyall for reviewing and editing the draft.

Ian Macdonald
Hon Secretary, Bilgola SLSC