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Billy Swim

Two swims on the Sydney coast’s most spectacular beach: 500m and 1.5km. It really is that stunning. Awgies were very pleased with how this event ran on the corresponding date in 2019, having slipped from December into January.

The main event at Billie is 1.5km, following a polygonal course towards the northern headland, then back south, then back into the middle of the beach. The new, 500m (shorter than 800m in previous years) swim also is a circuit off the beach.

But don’t be tricked: If there’s a wave on, Billie can be difficult. It’s a beautiful beach, but it can be a difficult beach break, with shifting banks, gutters, rips, peaks and shoulders.

Overall, a terrific day out, and a hotbed of ocean swimming culcha.

Bilgola is Round 2 in the Pittwater Ocean Swim Series.

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Things you need to know…

  • Swim: Bilgola Ocean Swims
  • Date, Time: Sunday, January 12, 2020, start 9am (500m), 10am (1.5km)
  • Organiser: Bilgola SLSC
  • Where: Bilgola Beach, Sydney northern beaches
  • Distances: 500m, 1.5km
  • Minimum age: 15 (both swims)
  • Course: The main swim starts in the middle of Bilgola beach, runs out through the break, heads towards the northern headland, then south towards the southern headland, then back in to finish near where it starts in the middle of the beach.
  • Race day check-in: At Bilgola SLSC, from 8am to close 8:45am (800m) and 9:45am (1.5km)
  • Entry fee: $35 online for one swim, or for both swims – not a bad deal ($45 on race day).
  • Online entries close: 3pm, Saturday, January 11, 2020
  • Under 18 swimmers - Parents/guardians of swimmers aged under 18 must complete the online entry form, not the swimmers themselves. They must include their consent to the entry with full name and  phone contact. Just a phone number, a first name, or a number and first name will not do. Entries of U18 swimmers are not complete without this complete parental/guardian consent. Entries of U18 swimmers must use the parent’s email address, not that of the U18 entrant.
  • Phone contact - Be sure to enter a valid Australian mobile number with your entry online. Organisers may decide to send sms messages to entrants advising of changes to event arrangments. If you don’t leave a valid Australian mobile number, you won’t receive them.
  • Transport: You can catch a bus to Billie (Route L90 runs from Wynyard: 8:13am from Stand C on Sunday, getting you to Billie (9:15am) in time for the 1.5km, but not in time for the 500m).
  • Parking: If you drive, you should park in the special event parking area at Porter Reserve, North Newport, in Burke St off Barrenjoey Rd, then catch the free shuttle to Billie beach. If you park at the beach, parking will be very congested. And be warned: the new Northern Beaches Council has abandoned the policy of the previous Pittwater Council of allowing free parking on swim days. Now, only those with Council stickers will receive free parking. Everyone else — all of us great unwashed from outside the local gummint area — will have to pay, as per the signs on the kerb.
  • More info - Download hard copy entry form (PDF file)… Coming soon
  • Progress entries - Check progress online entries… Click here

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